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Mansfield Kindergarten is a not for profit organisation that has been built by our local families over the past 67 years and reflects our diversity of our community.

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Four Year Old kinder offers a program based around identity, community, wellbeing, learning and communication through a combination of outdoor and indoor activities. Enrol your child today!


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Our Kinder

our philosophy

Mansfield Kindergarten is a community kindergarten where all children are provided a quality education within a safe, nurturing, stimulating and caring environment. The kindergarten relies on children’s families for our management committee, working bees and fundraising and we believe this is one of our main strengths.

We are a dynamic and progressive kindergarten whose mission is to provide a high quality educational program for children and families in accordance with its commitment to the rights of children and the principles of social justice.

trusted by many

My daughters have loved coming to kinder, so much so that they wish it was every day. I love that they have access to so many activities and get to venture outside the walls to Earth Kinder. The teachers are amazing and support the children in all ways.

Courtney, Parent

Our Program

We strive to empower children

The focus of our education and programming is the child. We strive to empower children, by using their thoughts and ideas to develop the program. We encourage each child to reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability. We encourage exploration and creativity and the importance of the process not the product.

We have a strong focus on sustainable practices and encourage children to interact and learn from their environment. Our indoor/outdoor program uses natural materials where children are encouraged to explore, create and invent. 

Our program supports the five learning outcomes of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development framework :-


Children have a strong sense of identity


Children are connected with and contribute to their world


Children have a strong sense of wellbeing


Children are confident and involved learners


Children are effective communicators

Community Based

our kinder is run by families

We believe that as advocates for our profession, it is is important to share our knowledge and experience and that we are a central link to information and support services within the wider community.


We promote trust, respect and collaboration between staff and families. We are committed to open and constructive communication, which includes discussions, child portfolios, newsletters and parent involvement.


Each staff member brings personal qualities to the kindergarten environment such as empathy, respect, warmth and a passion for learning. We provide opportunities for staff to share in decision-making and to obtain feedback.


We endeavour to nurture relationships with community organisations, local schools and the broader community and welcome family and community involvement in our daily programs.

Together we can make a difference

As a not-for-profit organisation, Fundraising is an important part of our organisation. Fundraising helps us purchase additional equipment for the children’s program and support development projects.

Every little bit helps and we would love to see you be a part of our next fundraising or social event.

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